Bids due: February 11, 2016 @ 9:00 am
Bid closing for the following projects will be in the lobby of the Oregon Department of Transportation, 3930 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem, Oregon, beginning at 9:00:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 11, 2016.
Submit paper bids to Wynnette Gentemann, Construction Contracts Manager at the following time and place:
• Before 9:00:00 a.m. on the day of Bid Closing
• For Bids submitted by mail or parcel delivery service, send to:
• ODOT Procurement Office-Construction Contracts Unit, MS#2-2
3930 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem, Oregon 97302-1166
• For Bids submitted by hand delivery, date stamp the Bid with the provided date stamping device and place into the ODOT Procurement Office Bid Box located in the lobby of:
• Oregon Department of Transportation
3930 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem, Oregon 97302-1166
Submit electronic bids, on-line, through Bid Express ( before 9:00:00 a.m. on bid opening day.
The closing time for submitting bids is at 9:00:00 a.m. on the day of bid opening.
To be eligible for award of Oregon Department of Transportation construction contracts, bidders (prime contractors) must submit a prequalification application according to OAR 734-010-0220 through 734-010-0280 at least ten calendar days before the bid opening date. This requirement will be strictly enforced. Prequalification must be in the class of work that is indicated in the project’s special provisions, and the bid booklet. The Agency will reject bids from bidders who are not prequalified for the class of work indicated.
The Prequalification Application form and instructions are published on the Agency’s web site at:
A $100.00 FILING FEE must accompany the Prequalification Application. For further information, call 503-986-2710.
To view and download plans, specifications, and bid booklets PLEASE visit the Agency’s Electronic Bidding Information System (eBIDS) website at:
The eBIDS site allows free access to plans and special provisions, up-to-date bidding information, and each project holders of plans.
All project addenda and clarification letters are published on the Agency’s web site at:
Preliminary bid results are published on the following web sites by close of business on bid opening day: ODOT/CS/CONTRUCTION/pages/preliminary_bid_results.aspx
Award of contracts will not be final until: 1) Three working days after Notice of Intent to Award is posted on the Agency’s web site or 2) The Agency provides a written response to each timely protest, denying the protest and affirming the award; whichever is later.
All projects include a steel escalation clause.
All projects have minimum wage rate requirements. Wage publications are published on the Agency’s web site at:
All projects require work to be performed by the Contractor’s own organization of at least 30 percent of the awarded contract amount.
All federally funded projects have “BUY AMERICA” requirements.
Email the Project Manager listed at the end of each announcement for PROJECT SPECIFIC TECHNICAL QUESTIONS.
The project cost range value is preliminary, may not reflect the current scope of the project, and is not a reflection of the Engi neer’s Estimate.
COST RANGE Over $30,000,000
1. JACKSON COUNTY: OR62: Corridor Solutions Unit 2 (Medford) Section of the Crater Lake Highway in Medford. State – Buy America Project. (Over $30,000,000). Req. approx. 7,000 hr training; 2,275 ft2 temp. signs; 6 ea PCMS; 1,000 hr flaggers; const. survey wk.; 45 ac clr. & grub.; 177,054 yd3 emb. in pl.; 15,921 yd3 stone emb.; 10,573 yd2 subgr. stab.; 9,878 yd2 treated subgr.; 222 ton Portland cem.; 152,251 yd2 geot.; 10,570 yd2 subgr. reinf. geogrid; 2,507 yd3 riprap; 12,383 ft video insp.; 359 ft culv. pipe; 1,347 ft san. sew. pipe; 12,170 ft storm sew. pipe; 49 ea conc. manholes; 69 ea conc. inlets; 32 ea adj. manholes; 6,610 yd3 str. exc.; 1,189 yd3 gran. str. bkfl.; 56 ea prebored piles; 1,800 ft HP 14 x 89 stl. piles; 3,500 ft soldier piles; 196,300 lb reinf. (60,350 lb coated); 361 yd3 deck conc.; 122 yd3 str. conc.; 155 yd3 fdn conc.; 884 yd2 end panels; 1,446 ft deck BT 33 prestr. girders; 1,497 ft 26-inch prestr. Deck slabs; 765 ft conc. rail; 256 ft prot. fence; 711 ft conc. box culverts; 7,275 ft2 CIP ret. walls; 12,800 ft2 tieback ret. walls; 52,265 ft2 MSE ret. walls; 1,371 ft traf. barr. coping w/moment slab; 20,730 yd2 cold pl. pvmt. rem.; 80,095 ton aggr. base; 39 ton tack coat; 25,565 ton ACP(1,483 ton PG 76-22 asph.); 444 yd2 asph. conc. pvmt. repair; 14,212 ft conc. curbs; 38,674 ft2 conc. islands; 31,251 ft2 conc. walks; 4,394 ft2 valley gutter conc. surfacing; 35,473 ft2 conc. surfacing; 922 ft metal handrail; 63,320 ft2 décor. conc. surfacing; 10,525 ft stl. gd. rl.; 15,937 ft conc. barr.; 3 ea impact atten.; 50,100 ft thermo. striping; 81 ea pvmt legends; 4,050 ft2 pvmt. bar; 1,550 FBM wood sign posts; 198 yd3 sign supp. ftg.; 1,131 ft2 signs in pl.; 48 ft signal supp. drilled shaft; camera poles & fdn.; pole fdns; light poles; lumin., lamps & ballasts; switching, conduit & wiring; traf. sig. mod.; detector inst.; ATR inst.; CCTV inst.; CCTV mod.; fiber optic comm. syst.; cantil. sign strs.; 32 ft sign supp. drilled shaft; truss sign br.; bioretention ponds; 20.5 ac perm. seeding; 7.7 ac water qual. seeding; 2,134 yd3 topsoil; 596 yd3 soil cond.; 9,650 ea shrubs; 356 yd3 compost mulch; 170,000 ft2 weed control geot.; 2,594 ft type 2 fence; 17,895 ft ch. Link fence; streambed enhance.; 1,231 yd3 decor. rock; 1,611 ton decor. rock; irrig. syst. Completion Time: June 30, 2018. Classes of Work: A) Bridges and Structures or B) the combination of 1) Earthwork and Drainage & 2) Portland Cement Concrete Paving. THIS PROJECT CONTAINS ASPHALT AND FUEL ESCALATION CLAUSES. THIS PROJECT INCLUDES A CONTRACTOR SUBMITTED DIVERSITY PLAN. THIS PROJECT CONTAINS A 15 % MWESB ASPIRATIONAL TARGET. PROJECT MANAGER: TIM FLETCHER, EMAIL: TIMOTH.W.FLETCHER@ ODOT.STATE.OR.US.
The Oregon Department of Transportation is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.
The policy of the Oregon Department of Transportation is to provide equal opportunity for participation in its contracting activities to all persons and firms in compliance with applicable Federal and State laws, rules and regulations.
The Department of Transportation may reject any bid not in compliance with all prescribed public bidding procedures and requirements, and may reject for good cause any or all bids upon a finding of the Department of Transportation that it is in the public interest to do so.
Published Jan. 22, 2016.