Sale of Abandoned Manufactured Home
One (1) 1996 Skyline, Plate number X231537, Home identification number 279155, Manufacturer’s serial number(s) 8Y9103861A/8Y9103861B, has been abandoned by Myron Lee Mikkelsen and Virginia Ann Mikkelsen. Said property is located at 830 N. Main Street, Space 30, Mt. Angel, OR 97362. Said dwelling shall be sold by private bidding, with sealed bids, and “as is.” Bids shall be delivered to Bavarian Village, 830 N. Main St., #7, Mt. Angel, OR 97362 at or before midnight (the end of the day) on the 18th day of January, 2016. The minimum bid shall be $2,382.86, which said amount does not include any unpaid taxes, all of which is to be paid by purchaser. For additional information, or to ask questions, please contact Tom Owens at (503) 845-2586.
Published Jan. 6 & 13, 2016.