Substantial Amendment to the 2012-2016 Consolidated Plan

Clackamas County
Substantial Amendment to the
2012-2016 Consolidated Plan
Program Year 2015-2016 (2015 Action Plan)
Posted: 01/11/2016

Relocation Assistance for Displaced Tenants in the Forest Edge and Berryhill Apartments in Oregon City. Clackamas County plans to use Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to provide assistance to tenants of the Forest Edge Apartments located at 14155 S. Beavercreek Rd. and the Berryhill Park Apartments located at 13945 S. Beavercreek Rd. who are being force to leave their homes as a result of a weather related landslide event. Forms of moving and relocation assistance may include; moving and storage expenses, rental assistance, security deposit assistance, assistance locating alternative housing, emergency lodging expenses and other related and eligible costs. CDBG may also be used to fund a temporary staff position to help coordinate the assistance and provide information about resources available to affected persons. The county issued an emergency order for the Forest Edge and Berryhill Apartments, and has determined that the use of CDBG funds to assist the affected tenants is necessary and appropriate. Clackamas County will reserve up to $100,000 in 2015 CDBG funds for this activity.
Clackamas County will defund the Tiny House Community project (project #22 in the 2015 Action Plan). This project has been postponed due to the difficulty of locating a suitable site. $100,000 of 2015 CDBG funds were reserved for this project. By defunding this project, $100,000 will be available for relocation assistance activity as described above. The Tiny House Community project may be reconsidered for funding at a later date.
The need for assistance is immediate. The public comment period for the proposed amendment is limited to 7 days from the date of posting to the county’s Community Development webpage: For additional information, or to submit comments on the proposed amendment, contact Kevin Ko at the Clackamas County Community Development Division, Public Services Building, 2051 Kaen Road – Suite 245, Oregon City, Oregon, 97045, (503) 655-8359 or Comments will be accepted until 2:00pm on January 19, 2016. This notice supersedes the notice of Consolidated Plan amendment posted on 12/23/2015.
Publish 01/21/2016. LOR13333