Clackamas County intends to amend the Consolidated Plan in the following manner: Program Year 2015-2016 (2015 Action Plan)

Clackamas County intends to amend the Consolidated Plan in the following manner:

Program Year 2015-2016 (2015 Action Plan)

Centerstone Expansion Project (2015/0011): This project was to expand the facility and services at the County’s crisis walk-in center located at The Ross Center in Happy Valley. The expansion project has been scaled back due to the loss of available rental space. The project has been revised to include design and remodel existing space only. The $144,140 project budget is reduced to $50,000. The remaining $94,140 of Community Development Block Grant funds planned for this project will be re-programmed to the Contingency Fund.

Milwaukie High School Crosswalk Project (2015/0012): Construction of a street crossing to improve student and pedestrian safety in the area of the Milwaukie High School on Washington Street in Milwaukie, Oregon. The project is expanded to include the Milwaukie ADA sidewalk ramp replacement project to remove architectural barriers and improve mobility at 32 high priority sidewalk ramps. The project budget is increased by $100,000 from contingency funds to a new total of $165,000. This additional work was planned for 2016 but the city requested that the projects be combined to increase project budget and administrative efficiency. No other projects will be impacted by this increase.

Annie Ross House Family Shelter project (2015/0024): This project is moved to the following program year from 2015 to 2016. Funding to support the replacement and expansion of the Annie Ross House to 6 studio apartments for use as a homeless shelter in Milwaukie was in both program year 2015 and program year 2016. $100,000 of project funds from program year 2015 are moved forward to the 2016 program year.

Haven House Roofing Project: This would be a new 2015 project funded with $45,000 of 2014 Contingency Funds. The Project would include removal of the existing roof, as well as eliminate 6 existing aluminum skylights, removing all areas of dry rot underlayment sheathing, replacing with new sheathing, installing new roofing membrane for entire roof area, and installing new roofing material over entire roof area.

For additional information, or to submit comments on the proposed amendment, contact Kevin Ko at the Clackamas County Community Development Division, Public Services Building, 2051 Kaen Road – Suite 245, Oregon City, Oregon, 97045, (503) 655-8359 or Comments will be accepted until 2:00 PM on Monday, March 7, 2016.
Publish 02/03/2016. CLK13532