Pursuant to Section 50.45.4 of the Beaverton Development Code, public notice of the following development application is being provided:

DR2015-00122, TP2015-0016 and LD2015-0026 Trillium Woods Apartments. On March, 30, 2016, at 6:30 p.m., the City of Beaverton Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing to consider a proposal by JT Smith Companies, LLC to construct four, multi-family residential apartment buildings designed to accommodate a total of 100 apartment units. The project site is comprised of two properties located on the south side of SW Scholls Ferry Road, west of SW Sagehen Street and east of SW Winterhawk Lane. The properties are addressed as 15450 and 15536 SW Scholls Ferry Road. The properties can also be identified as Tax Lot 2400 on Washington County’s Tax Assessor Map 1S1-32DC, and Tax Lot 100 on Washington County’s Tax Assessor Map 2S1-5BA.

Specifically, the applicant is seeking Design Review 2 approval (case file DR2015-0122), Preliminary Partition approval (case file LD2015-0026), and Tree Plan 3 approval (case file TP2015-0016). The project site contains several mature trees identified by city inventory as Significant Grove NX-4. To accommodate apartment buildings, parking, access and utilities, several trees are proposed for removal. Proposed apartment buildings, parking and landscape improvements are subject to Design Review standards as described in Section 60.05 of the City Development Code. The partition proposal is intended to combine the two properties. Proposed apartment buildings are three stories and approximately 48 feet in height. Vehicle access is proposed from the stubbed terminus of SW Bunting Road located to the east. Along SW Scholls Ferry Road, the applicant proposes a gate that will allow emergency vehicle access only.

The decision-making authority for the above application is the Planning Commission. Any decision on the above development application shall be based on approval criteria as contained in the Beaverton Development Code, specifically found in Section for Design Review 2, Section for Preliminary Partition, Section for Tree Plan Three, and Section 40.30 for Facilities Review. Failure to raise an issue in a hearing, by testifying in person or by letter, or failure to provide statements or evidence with sufficient specificity to afford the decision-making authority an opportunity to respond to such issue, may preclude appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeals on that issue.

To be included as part of the Staff Report addressed to the Planning Commission, written comments must be received by Wednesday, March 9, 2016. Mailed written comments should be sent to the attention of Scott Whyte, AICP, Senior Planner, City of Beaverton, Community Development Department, P. O. Box 4755, Beaverton, OR 97076. Written comments submitted in person shall be delivered to the Community Development Department, 4th Floor, Beaverton City Hall, at 12725 SW Millikan Way.

A Facilities Review Committee meeting with the applicant will be held on March 9, 2016. The Facilities Review Committee is not a decision-making body, but advises the Director and Planning Commission on conformity to the technical criteria identified in Section 40.03 of the Beaverton Development Code. The Committee’s recommendation will be included in the staff report addressed to the Planning Commission. The Facilities Review Committee meeting is open to the public but is not the venue for public testimony.

For more information contact Scott Whyte in the Planning Division at (503) 526-2652. Copies of the staff report are available for inspection at the Planning Division Counter or may be purchased at reasonable cost or are available for on-line viewing at

Dated this 11th day of February, 2016.
Sandra Freund, AICP, Planning Manager, City of Beaverton
Publish 02/18/2016. BVT9212