The Newberg Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on April 14, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Newberg Public Safety Building, 401 E. Third Street, Newberg, OR, to evaluate the following new proposals:

1. Recreational Marijuana Wholesalers, Laboratories, Research Certificates and Retailers: Consider a proposal to amend the Newberg Development Code Chapter 15.05.030 Definitions; 15.305 Zoning Use Tables; 15.342.110 Stream Corridor Overaly; 15.350.030 Civic Corridor Overlay; 15.356.050 Bypass Interchange Overaly; and 15.358.030 and 15.358.050 Interim Industrial Overaly for regulations on recreational marijuana wholesalers, laboratories, research certificates and retailers as either permitted, conditional or prohibited uses.
File no. DCA-16-001

2. Chehalem Aquatic and Fitness Center: Consider a Conditional Use Permit application to expand a Community Service Facility in an R-1 zone; a Design Review application to build a 40,390 square foot addition with two pools next to the existing building, remodel the existing building into a gym, and reconfigure the site for new parking, park and landscape areas; and a Code Adjustment application to reduce the amount of required off-street parking. The criteria are found in Newberg Development Code sections 15.225.060, 15.220.050(B), and 15.210.020(C).
File no. CUP-16-001/DR2-16-001/ADJC-16-001.

You may examine information regarding these projects at the Newberg Community Development Department, 414 E. First Street, Newberg, OR 97132, or on the city website at https://www.newberg oregon.gov/planning. The staff recommendation regarding these projects will be available one week before the hearing. If you have any questions, please call the Newberg Planning Division at 503-537-1240. All interested persons may appear and provide testimony. Any written testimony must be submitted to the Community Development Department office by noon on April 11, 2016. Written testimony received after this time will be read out loud at the hearing subject to time limits for speakers, and will be included in the record if there are further proceedings. Only those persons who participate either orally or in writing in the hearing proceedings leading to the adoption of the action may appeal the decision.

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