Bids due: March 22, 2016 @2:00 pm
Sealed bids for 2016 Street Maintenance Program will be received by the City Administrator of the City of Canby until 2:00 P.M on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at which time bidding will be closed. Pursuant to ORS 279C.370(2), within two (2) working hours of the Bid Closing all Bidders shall submit to the City a disclosure form as furnished with these bid documents identifying any first-tier subcontractors (those Entities that would be contracting directly with the prime contractor) that will be furnishing labor or materials on the Contract, if awarded, whose subcontract value would be equal to or greater than:
• Five percent of the total Contract Price, but at least $15,000, or
• $350,000 regardless of the percentage of the total Contract Price.
Bids and disclosure forms shall be addressed to Mr. Mark Gunter, Public Works Director, City of Canby, 182 North Holly Street, Canby, Oregon 97013. At 2:00 P.M., bids will be opened and read aloud in the City Hall Conference Room, Canby, Oregon. Only bids for which a disclosure form has been submitted within two (2) working hours of the Bid Closing date and time will be considered responsive.
The scope of work generally consists of the following:
• Approximately 7,500 tons of asphaltic concrete pavement at 1.5″ and 2″ thickness.
• Approximately 24,000 lineal feet of 6-foot wide panel grinding.
• Approximately 1,250 lineal feet of concrete curb and 550 square yards of sidewalks, retrofit 38 ADA ramps and reinstallation of 15 traffic signs posts with V-loc bases.
• Restore approximately 37,000 lineal feet of 4″ and 8″ wide stripes, approximately 2,900 square feet of continental crosswalks and miscellaneous legends.
The City has an estimated available budget not to exceed $700,000 for this work. The City reserves the right to adjust the basic bid quantities if the submitted low responsive bid exceeds the available budget. All adjusted quantities will be paid based on the bid unit prices. The work is anticipated to begin in July when funding becomes available.
Specifications are available at the offices of CURRAN-McLEOD, INC., Consulting Engineers, 6655 S.W. Hampton Street, Suite 210, Portland, Oregon, 97223, telephone: (503) 684-3478. Electronic .PDF copies are available without charge for contractors and material suppliers upon registration with the Engineer. (Please email to register and request an electronic copy). A forty- dollar ($40.00) non-refundable fee is required with each request for hard copies. Specifications may be examined at the following locations:
City of Canby 182 North Holly Street Canby, OR
Central Oregon Builders Exchange 1902 NE 4th Bend, OR
Daily Journal of Commerce – OR Electronic Only – (503) 274-0624 Portland, OR
Eugene Builders Exchange 2460 West 11th Eugene, OR
McGraw-Hill Construction/Dodge 3461 NW Yeon Ave Portland, OR Oregon
Contractor Plan Center 5468 SE International Way Clackamas, OR
Salem Contractors Exchange 2256 Judson St. S.E. Salem, OR
SW Washington Contractors Assoc. 7017 N.E. Hwy 99, #214 Vancouver, WA
Willamette Valley Bid Center 33862 SE Eastgate Cr. Corvallis, OR
Bidders must be pre-qualified to bid on this project. Bidders not currently pre-qualified by the Owner, Engineer or the Oregon Department of Transportation may apply for pre-qualification with the Owner or Engineer prior to the bid opening on forms available or similar to those available from the Oregon Department of Transportation.
No bid shall be received or considered unless the Bidder is registered with the Construction Contractors Board as required by ORS chapter 701.021.
To be considered, bids must be completed on the bidding forms provided, in the manner prescribed in the bidding documents and accompanied by a 5% bid security in favor of the City of Canby. Each bidder must indicate in the space provided on the Bid Form, whether they are a Resident or Non-Resident Bidder pursuant to ORS 279A.120.
This public works project is subject to the provisions of ORS 279C.800 to ORS 279C.870. By submission of a bid, each bidder certifies that Oregon Prevailing Wage Rates are included in the bid prices. Contractors need not be licensed for asbestos handling per ORS 468A.720 to complete this project. A pre-bid conference will not be held for this project.
The City of Canby reserves the right to reject any or all bids not in compliance with all prescribed public bidding procedures and requirements, may reject for good cause any and all bids upon a finding of the agency it is in the public interest to do so, and may waive all informalities. No bidder may withdraw or modify his bid prior to the lapse of thirty (30) days after bid opening.
By Order of the City Council of the City of Canby
Published Mar. 11, 2016.