Bids due May 19, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
The City of Prineville Freight Depot is seeking bids for removal of temporary shoring, repair a failed bowstring truss, replace the damaged galvanized metal roof and repair/replace metal siding with like kind materials and to add supplemental truss assemblies to support all other roof loads previously supported by the damaged bowstring truss.
Sealed bids for the “2016 Freight Depot Building – Truss Repair Project” will be received until 2:00 PM PDST on the 19th day of May, 2016 at City Hall, 387 NE 3rd St, Prineville, Oregon. Each proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope addressed as follows:
Darla Rhoden
City of Prineville
City Hall
387 NE 3rd St
Prineville, OR
The envelope shall be clearly marked:
Bid Proposal of (insert name of Contractor)
“2016 Freight Depot Building- Truss Repair Project”
Bids will be publicly opened at 2:00 PM PDST on the 19th day of May, 2016 and the apparent low bidder will be determined. It is anticipated that the City of Prineville Council will present the intent to award the contract at the Council meeting on the 24nd day of May, 2016. The start date for this project shall be no sooner than the 2nd day of June, 2016 with a completion date of no later than the 31st day of August, 2016.
A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held promptly at 2:00 p.m. on the 3rd day of May, 2016 at the City of Prineville Railroad Depot, located at 3840 NW Bus Evans Road, Prineville, Oregon to review key project elements and answer questions.
The work contemplated generally consists of furnishing all labor, equipment, supplies, materials and building permits to complete the “2016 Freight Depot Building – Truss Repair Project” as described below.
All work and materials must comply with the adopted City of Prineville Standards and Specifications except as superseded in the following special conditions. Copies of the Standards and Specifications are available at the City of Prineville Planning Department, City Hall for $80.00. The Standards and Specifications are also available on the City of Prineville website www.cityof
Special Conditions:
The following specifications shall be followed for this project.
• Remove temporary shoring of the bowstring truss.
• Rebuild damaged members in the bowstring truss. Special attention must be given to the moisture content and grading of lumber. All bottom chord members shall be clear vertical grain or approved equal to the existing bottom chord.
• Be knowledgeable about bowstring truss repairs shall acquire knowledge of shear plate connections. Guidelines for proper installation of shear plate connectors is provided at the Portland Bolt website and the following links;
• ature=player embedded&v=YNKdiJ22gbA
• nical/faqs/can-i-install-a-split-ring-without-using-agrooving-tool-or-a-shear-plate-without-using-the-dapping-tool/
• Restore original bottom chord and cross bracing to repaired bowstring truss.
• Add new bottom chord bracing per supplemental truss engineering.
• Saw cut existing concrete slab and excavate for new footings.
• Pour 4 new concrete footings.
• Set new heavy timber post and steel bracing.
• Replace corrugated galvanized iron roof panels with like kind materials for 20ft each side of bowstring truss. Match existing panel length. Existing panels are assumed continuous the full length of the curve. Roof panels shall be formed to an eighty foot radius curve. Fasteners shall have the same life as the materials being fixed and resist 15 psf uplift pressure applied to the roof panels.
• Install roofing and siding systems per manufactures printed installation instructions.
• Add (4)2ft x 20ft fiberglass roof panels to match existing roof.
• Replace or repair damaged metal wall siding panels in bays each side of failed truss with like kind materials.
• Install new supplemental truss assemblies.
• Coordinate supplemental truss assembly bracing with Hannas Engineering L.L.C. during construction.
The Engineer’s estimate for this project is $112,949.00
Important Note:
Bid Summary:
All bidders must be registered with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board prior to submitting bids. Failure to be registered will be sufficient cause to reject a bid as “non-responsive.” Licensing per ORS 468A.720 (working with asbestos) is not required for this project.
Bidders are required to certify non-discrimination in employment practices in accordance with ORS 279A.110 (4), and identify resident status as defined in ORS 279A.120 (1). Pre-qualification of proposer is not required. All proposers are required to comply with the provisions of Oregon Revised Statutes and City of Prineville Resolution 1266.
The ITB, including all Addenda and attachments, is published on the Premier Builder’s Exchange website at
This contract expected to be awarded in connection with this solicitation is subject to the state prevailing rates of wage under ORS 279C.800 to 279C.870.
The City may reject any bid not in compliance with all prescribed public bidding procedures and requirements, and may reject for good cause any or all bids upon a finding of the City it is in the public interest to do so.
DATE: April 8, 2016
Published Apr. 8, 2016.