Bids due: April 28, 2016
Sealed bids will be received by Salem-Keizer School District, Purchasing Department, via online e-procurement system, until Thursday, April 28, 2016, for Englewood Gym Re-Roof & Seismic Upgrade, Bid Number 2016-620.
BID CLOSING: 2:00 P.M., local time
DISCLOSURE DEADLINE: 4:00 P.M., local time
BID OPENING: Immediately after bid closing
The project consists of removal of existing EPDM roofing down to deck and installation of new BUR per specifications, including seismic bracing.
MANDATORY: A pre-bid conference will be conducted on Thursday, April 21, 2016, 11:30 a.m., local time, at Central Services, Small conference room, 3630 State St., Salem, 97301, for the purpose of answering any questions bidders may have and to consider any suggestions they wish to make. The conference is mandatory and is held for the benefit of the bidders. All bidders wishing to submit offers must attend. Sign-in will begin 15 minutes prior to start of meeting. Bidders must be signing in by no later than 10 minutes after meeting start time. Any bidders not signing in by that time will be deemed late and not eligible to submit a bid. The District reserves the right to consider unusual or extenuating circumstances.
MANDATORY: This bid is only open to Roofing Contractors prequalified under event 225. Contractors may contact the Construction Services office to verify their status.
The District is using an online bidding system Vendors wishing to submit a bid must register on this system. The URL is Instructions for registration, technical assistance, and training on using the system are available by appointment. Contact Purchasing, La Von Maskell, at 503-399-3086 for assistance.
The bids will be publicly opened in the Purchasing Department immediately after the closing deadline. Bids received after the time fixed for receiving bids cannot be considered.
Bidding documents are available on line at the site listed above.
No bid will be received or considered unless the Bid contains a statement by the bidder certifying, as part of the bid, compliance with the provisions required by ORS 279C.800 to 279C.870 (Prevailing Wage Rate).
Pursuant to ORS 279C.365, no bid for a construction contract shall be received or considered by the public contracting agency unless the bidder is registered with the Construction Contractors Board or licensed by the State Landscape Contractors Board.
Contractors and sub-contractors performing any asbestos abatement work are to be licensed by the Department of Environ mental Quality as provided in ORS 468A.700-468A.760.
No bid will be received or considered by the District unless the bid contains a statement as to whether the bidder is a resident bidder, as defined in ORS 279A.120.
No proposal will be considered unless accompanied by bid security in the form of a surety bond executed by a State licensed surety company, payable to the Salem-Keizer School District 24J in an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the Base Bid. No interest will be paid on bid security. Return or retention of bid security shall be subject to the provisions of ORS 279C.385.
Pursuant to ORS 279C.395 the School District may reject any bid not in compliance with all prescribed bidding procedures and requirements and may reject for good cause any or all bids if, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, it is in the public interest to do so. The School District shall have the right to waive informalities and to reject any or all bids and in particular to reject a bid not accompanied by any required bid security or data required by the Bidding Documents.
No bidder may withdraw their bid after the hour set for the opening thereof and before award of the Contract, unless award is delayed beyond sixty (60) days from the bid opening date.
By order of:
Salem-Keizer School District 24-J
By: La Von Maskell,
Paul Bentley Architect AIA PC
Buyer Paul Bentley
Published Apr. 22, 2016.