Bids due: May 26, 2016 @ 2:00 p.m.
Bandon School District hereby requests a lump sum bid to furnish all labor, equipment and materials for the construction of seismic retrofit to the existing 36,156 square foot wood framed High School. The base bid work will include all incidental items required to deliver a complete package suitable for occupancy and operation by Bandon School District.
Plans and specifications will available for public view on May 2nd, 2016. Said documents may also be obtained at the nearest Builders/Plan Exchange location. Electronic copies may also be obtained by contacting Walter Ross at ZCS Engineering, Inc., 550 SW 6th St. Grants Pass, OR 97526. The project will be a public improvement project subject to ORS 279C.800 to 279C.870, prevailing wages.
Questions pertaining to the specifications or scope of work should be directed to Walter Ross, ZCS Engineering, Inc., 541-479-3865.
A pre-bid meeting will be held May 12th, 2016 at 3:30 PM, on site at Bandon High School located at 550 9th St. SW, Bandon, OR 97411.
BIDS DUE: 2:00 PM, May 26th, 2016. Written sealed bids in envelopes marked “Bandon School District – Bandon High School Seismic Retrofit” shall be delivered or mailed to Doug Ardiana, Bandon School District, at 455 9th St. SW, Bandon, OR 97411. Only bids from licensed contractors will be accepted. No bid shall be considered if received later than 2:00 PM, May 26th, 2016. The bids will be publicly opened and read thereafter in the Bandon School District Board Room.
Anticipated date for Notice of Intent to Award will be published May 27th, 2016.
Anticipated date for Notice to proceed is June 10th, 2016.
Work for this project will be scheduled during Bandon High School’s summer break. The rehabilitation will be accomplished by means of adding lateral force resisting system elements where necessary, and ensuring a proper load path to the foundation elements. New elements will consist of positive connections to the diaphragm, infill wall framing, blocking, strapping, wood wall sheathing, positive connections to the foundation with anchors and hold downs, and new footings where necessary. The G.C. will be responsible for all aspects of construction necessary for the completion of all work incidental to the work illustrated in the accompanying plan set.
Bandon School District reserves the right to postpone the award of the contract for sixty (60) days and may reject any bid not in compliance with all prescribed public bidding procedures and requirements on the solicitation documents, and may for good cause reject any or all bids upon a finding of the District it is in the public interest to do so. Bandon School District reserves the right to rescind the award of any contract at any time before the execution of said contract by all parties without any liability against the District. All bids are subject to
Oregon Law bid procedures.
Doug Ardiana
Bandon SD Superintendent
Published May 10, 2016.