The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office seized money from defendants during lawful drug investigations and or arrests between January 1994 and December 1998. Each Defendant was served with a “Notice of Seizure For Forfeiture.” The money was seized for forfeiture because it: constituted the proceeds of the violation of, solicitation to violate, attempt to violate, or conspiracy to violate, the criminal laws of the state of Oregon regarding the manufacture, distribution, or possession of controlled substances (ORS Chapter 475.)
If you had money seized by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office between 1994 and 1998, the Sheriff wants to return your money. No criminal or civil action will be taken against you.
To claim money you believe is yours follow these instructions: make a written request to the Jefferson County Sheriff with your full and complete name, date of birth, amount of money, the date of seizure, your current address and telephone number. Include any case number, forfeiture papers or police reports you may have.
The Sheriff’s staff will match your name with the names on our records to verify if monies were seized from you. Once confirmed, a check will be written to you for the amount of money seized. You will need to come to the Sheriff’s Office or a deputy may deliver the check to you and you must sign a receipt to collect your check.
After 90 days of this notice, all unclaimed monies will become the property of the Jefferson County Sheriff and will be expended according to law.
Last day to file a claim is August 19, 2016 by noon.
Publish: May 18, 25,June 1, 2016