NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Forest Grove City Council will hold a Public Hearing on Monday, June 27, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. or thereafter, in the Community Auditorium, 1915 Main Street, to consider an ordinance pertaining to the Planning Commission’s recommendations to approve the following proposal. The proposed ordinance, if enacted by the City Council, would take effect 30 days immediately after enactment unless City Council declares an emergency.

Proposal: Amendments to the text of the Forest Grove City Code and Development Code to establish and clarify time, place, and manner restrictions for marijuana facilities regulated by the State of Oregon. The following City Code Section is affected by this proposal: Chapter 5 (Public Protection). The following Development Code sections are affected by this proposal: 10.3.120, Table 3-10 (Commercial and Mixed-Use Zones Use Table), 10.3.520, Table 3-14 (Industrial Zones Use Table), 10.8.1100 et. seq. (Marijuana Development Standards), 10.12.200 et. seq.(Definitions). If adopted, the proposal will prohibit outdoor recreational marijuana production in the city limits and all marijuana facilities on property zoned Light Industrial on the Official Zoning Map. If adopted, marijuana processors, wholesalers and indoor producers will be allowed on property zoned General Industrial on the Official Zoning Map. Medical Marijuana dispensaries and recreational marijuana retailers will be prohibited on property zoned Neighborhood Mixed-Use on the Official Zoning Map and permitted on property zoned Community Commercial subject to State of Oregon regulations. Under this proposal, all applications for marijuana facilities will require a conditional use permit subject to Planning Commission approval.

Applicant: City of Forest Grove

File Number: 311-16-00034

Criteria: Forest Grove Development Code Section 10.2.630(A): The text amendment is consistent with the relevant goals and policies of the Forest Grove Comprehensive Plan; and 10.2.630(B): The text amendment is consistent with the relevant statewide and regional planning goals, program and rules.

All persons will be given a reasonable opportunity to give testimony about this proposal responding to the review criteria. If an issue is not raised in the hearing (by person or letter) or if the issue is not explained in sufficient detail to allow the City Council to respond to the issue, then that issue cannot be used for an appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeals. If additional documents or evidence are provided in support of the application, any party shall be entitled to a continuance of the hearing. A copy of the report is available for inspection before the hearing at the City Recorder’s Office or by visiting the City’s website at Written comments or testimony may be submitted at the hearing or e-mailed to City Recorder’s Office,, or sent to P.O. Box 326, 1924 Council Street, Forest Grove, OR 97116, prior to hearing. For further information, pertaining to this proposal, please contact Community Development Department, 1924 Council Street, 503.992.3226, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Daniel Riordan, Senior Planner,

Anna D. Ruggles, CMC, City Recorder
Published: June 22, 2016. FGNT7617