In accordance with ORS 98.245 and Chapter 3.12 of the Municipal Code of the City of Hillsboro this Public Notice is issued.

The City of Hillsboro Police Department has in its physical possession the unclaimed personal property described below. If you have any ownership interest in any of this unclaimed property, you must file a claim with the City of Hillsboro Police Department within 30 days from the date of publication of this notice, or you will lose your interest in that property. Individuals may file a claim that presents proof satisfactory to the City of Hillsboro Police Department that the person is the lawful owner or security interest holder of any property described below. Please Contact Darci VandenHoek, Police Service Specialist at 503-681-6453.

All remaining items are intended to be sold at auction through The City of Hillsboro reserves the right to remove any of the following items for its own use or for the use of other governmental agencies for governmental purposes.

Tools, portable electronics, personal electronics, electronic accessories, cameras, antique coins, foreign currency, chainsaws, power tools, lawn equipment, binoculars, emergency supplies, costumes, sporting goods, and miscellaneous items to include clothing, jewelry and accessories.
Publish 07/13/2016. HT1409