PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on July 7, 2016, I received the ballot title prepared by the Wilsonville City Attorney as referred by the Wilsonville City Council in Resolution No. 2593 titled, “A Resolution Of The City Of Wilsonville, Oregon, Calling For A Measure Election To Be Included In The General Election To Be Held November 8, 2016, To Refer To The Voters The Question Of Whether The City Should Continue Its Ban On Marijuana Facilities Within The City.” Adopted by the Wilsonville City Council at a special scheduled meeting held July 7, 2016.

Prohibits Certain Licensed or Regulated Medical and Recreational Marijuana Facilities.

Shall Wilsonville continue to prohibit medical marijuana processors, medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational marijuana producers, processors, wholesalers, and retailers in Wilsonville?

This measure would authorize the City to continue its current ban on medical marijuana processing sites, medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational marijuana producers, recreational marijuana processors, recreational marijuana wholesalers, and recreational marijuana retailers. Processors under Wilsonville’s Code also include marijuana testing facilities, which are also currently banned.

Personal use and growing of marijuana, in accordance with state law, will continue to be allowed in Wilsonville and is not restricted by this Measure.

A “yes” vote approves the Measure, and authorizes the City to continue to prohibit the above listed marijuana businesses from being located in Wilsonville..

A “no” vote rejects the Measure, and marijuana businesses would be permitted to operate in Wilsonville, subject to the provisions of Oregon law, including locally imposed time, place, and manner regulations, and Oregon Liquor Control Commission and Oregon Health Authority licensure and regulations.

By signing this document:
* I hereby state that I am authorized by the City governing body to submit this Request for Ballot title-Preparation or Publication of Notice.

___/s/___________________________ July 8, 2016
Signature of Authorized City Official Date Signed
Sandra C. King, City Recorder
29799 SW Town Center Loop East
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Any person who is dissatisfied with the ballot title provided by said attorney may petition the Circuit Court to review the ballot title issued by the City Attorney. The petition must name the City Attorney as respondent. The petition must also state the reasons the title filed with the court is insufficient, not concise or unfair.

The deadline for filing a petition is seven (7) business days from the date the ballot title is filed with the City Recorder, or at 5 p.m. July 18, 2016.

A registered voter who files a petition to review the ballot title must notify the City Recorder in writing that the petition has been filed no later than 5 p.m. on the next business day following the day the petition is filed.

Posted July 8, 2016 at Wilsonville City Hall, Wilsonville Community Center, and Wilsonville Library.

Published in the Wilsonville Spokesman July 13, 2016
Posted on City of Wilsonville Website July 8, 2016

Publish 07/13/2016. WS332