Date: September 6, 2017
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Place: Planning Commission
Aurora City Hall
21420 Main Street NE
Aurora, Oregon 97002
Nature of Application: Site Development Review 2016-03
Location: 21561 Main Street, Aurora OR
Map 41.W.12CD Tax Lot 5700
Name of Applicants: Aurora Colony Historical Society/Ken Hartley
Zone: Commercial (C) with Historic Commercial
Request: Site Development Review approval for
construction of an approx. 5,773 sq. ft.
two-story structure to be located to the rear of
the existing structure; on-site improvements
include paved walkways and a secondary
access/driveway off of Martin Street.
Additional information is available at City Hall, 21420 Main Street NE, Aurora, Oregon.
The applicable criteria and standards from Aurora Municipal Code Section 16.22 Historic Commercial Overlay, and 16.58 Site Development Review are used to review this application.
The planning commission’s review will determine if tentative Site Development Review approval will be granted for this application. The public hearing on this matter will be conducted in accordance with the rules of Chapter 16 of the Aurora Municipal Code and the rules of procedure adopted by the City Council. Oral testimony may be presented at the public hearing. At the public hearing, the planning commission will review a staff report, open the public hearing and invite both oral and written testimony.
A copy of this application, all documents, all documents and evidence are available for inspection at no cost and copies will be provided at reasonable cost. The applicant and any person who submits comments during the comment period shall receive the notice of decision.
Issues which may provide the basis for appeal shall be raised in writing not later than the close of the comment period or following the final evidentiary hearing on this case. Such issues shall be raised with and accompanied by statements or evidence sufficient to afford this body, and the parties to this hearing an adequate opportunity to respond to each issue.
Please submit written comments by no later than 4:00 p.m. on September 6, 2016.
Address written comments to: Planning Department – City of Aurora
21420 Main Street NE
Aurora, Oregon 97002
Staff Contact: Renata Wakeley, City Planner,
(503) 588-6177.
Published in the Canby Herald on August 24, 2016.