The Canby City Council will hold a public hearing on or about 7:30 PM on September 7, 2016, at the Canby City Council Chambers located at 155 NW 2nd Avenue regarding the proposed transfer of public property in accordance with ORS 271.310 and ORS 221.725.
The subject property proposed for transfer from City ownership to the Canby Urban Renewal Agency is Downtown Commercial Property. The addresses, map and tax lot numbers are as follows:
Street Address Map Number Tax Lot Number
111 NW 2nd Avenue 3S-1E-33CA 6300
122 N Holly 3S-1E-33CA 5900
133 NW 2nd Avenue 3S-1E-33CA 6200
133 NW 2nd Avenue 3S-1E-33CA 5600
182 N Holly 3S-1E-33CA 6000
The City has built a new library/civic building which will house all city offices that are currently located on the property in which owbership is to be transferred. It is the Canby Urban Renewal Agency’s desire to pursue an agreement with a developer to create a mixed use ground floor retail and multi-family housing project.
Any resident of the City will be given an opportunity to present written or oral testimony regarding the proposal of the Council to transfer the City’s interest to the Canby Urban Renewal Agency at the hearing on September 7, 2016.
City of Canby staff contact persons are Rick Robinson at 503-266-0745 or Renate Mengelberg at 503-266-0701.
Published in the Canby Herald August 31, 2016.