City of Madras Sidewalk Grant Program 2016

The City of Madras recognizes that the maintenance of sidewalks within the City is necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents and visitors. The City’s sidewalk Ordinance places the responsibility for sidewalk maintenance upon the adjacent property owner.
The City has received complaints about uplifted sidewalks that are in need of repair. Many times, the sidewalk damage has been caused the roots of a street tree. The City of Madras understands the burden to businesses’ to repair their adjacent sidewalks due to damage caused by Street Trees and wants to provide relief to the property owner by providing assistance through the Downtown Sidewalk Repair Grant.
Eligible Uses of Grant Funds:
1. Applications will only be accepted for commercial properties in the downtown where there is a street tree planted.
2. Property owners may only apply for one grant for one property in a calendar year.
3. First-time applicants will be given priority over previous applicants.
4. Applications must be received and approved by the City prior to any work being performed. Retroactive applications will not be accepted.
Contact the Public Works Department at 541-475-2344 or email us at
Publish: August 17, 2016