COLTONTEL is a quality telecommunications services provider who provides basic and enhanced services at reasonable rates within its service territory. Basic services are offered at the following rates:
Monthly Service Charge
Single Party Residence Service $16.50
Single Party Business Service $28.40 Federal Subscriber Line Charge -Single Line $ 6.50 Directory Assistance $ .75
Service Assistance $ .07
Toll Blocking — Available at no charge for low-income customers
that qualify.
Emergency 911 Services — Surcharges for 911 services are
assessed according to government assessments.
Low-income individuals may be eligible for discounts from these basic local service charges through the Oregon Telephone Assistance Program (OTAP/Lifeline). Application is available online or call Oregon Public Utility Commission at 1-800-848-4442.
Basic services are offered to all consumers in the COLTONTEL service territories at the rates, terms and conditions specified in the Company’s tariffs. If you have any questions regarding the Company’s services, please call us at 503-824-3211, visit our website or our business office at 20983 S Highway 211 – Colton, Oregon 97017 for further information regarding our services.
Published in the Molalla Pioneer August 31, 2016.