Proposals due: August 17, 2016
@ 4:00 pm
The City of Cascade Locks is seeking proposals for a turnkey project for the development of a Gorge Hubs trailhead in an existing City park. The successful applicant will manage the project that will include construction drawing development and project management, coordination of the project with neighboring property owners, the City, ODOT, Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway, ODRD, and the Port of Cascade Locks. Total budget for the project is $175,000 which has been funded by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and the City of Cascade Locks.
The complete grant application is available on the City’s web-site www.cascade-locks. under the title “Gorge Hub Application” and a brief design schematic is included under the label “Gorge Hubs Coming Soon.”
Coordination with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department who are funding this project is required.
Coordination is required with ODOT to maintain, but relocate the two accesses into the parking lot and to design the new ODOT funded crosswalk across WaNaPa on the east side of Regulator Street.
Coordination with ODOT and the Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway is required to be faithful to the design concepts adopted by the six Gorge Hubs communities and the standards for the design of the historic highway.
Coordination with neighboring properties is required to maintain the parking easements for their businesses and the loading and unloading requirements of the Postal Service on the east side of the parking lot.
Coordination with the Port of Cascade Locks is required because of the long term Marine Park railroad overcrossing that will connect Overlook Park with Marine Park in the future.
The $175,000 of project funding will build public restrooms, upgrade the existing pergola, build a decorative seat wall, add two stone benches, a drinking fountain, bike racks and fix-it station, paving the existing parking lot, and a hub identification sign. The price must include all necessary permits and engineering.
If you have any questions pertaining to this project, please contact Gordon Zimmerman, City Administrator, at 541-374- 8484 or via email at
Please submit your qualifications for this turnkey project to Gordon Zimmerman, City Administrator, PO Box 308, 140 SW WaNaPa Street, Cascade Locks, OR 97014 before 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.
If the completion of the project is successful, the selected applicant will be considered for public works infrastructure engineering projects for the City of Cascade Locks in the immediate future.
Published Aug. 5, 2016.