Statements due: September 7, 2016
@ 3:00 pm
I. Introduction
The City of Burns Oregon is seeking a qualified engineering consultant to provide airport engineering and construction administration services for anticipated capital improvement projects within a maximum of a five-year term. The anticipated term shall be for years September 2016 through September 2021.
Submittals will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. local time on September 7, 2016 by:
Dauna Wensenk, City Manager
City of Burns 242 South Broadway
Burns, OR 97720
All projects undertaken will depend upon available funding from various sources, which will include the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Projects listed are not guaranteed to take place under the time frame of this contract. Selection of the short listed proposers and/or the top ranked proposer will be based upon the criteria in FAA Advisory Circular (AC-150/5100-14E “Architectural Engineering and Planning Consultant Services for Airport Grant Projects”.
II. Background
The Burns Municipal Airport is owned and operated by the City of Burns. The airport serves and supports the local and transient general aviation community, Bureau of Land Management firefighting operations, as well as businesses located in the area.
III. Capital Improvement Projects and Scope of Work
The following Capital Improvement Projects are anticipated over the next five years:

FY 2016 Description: No Project – Carry Over NPE Funds $0
FY 2016 Description: RW 3-21 Concrete Joint Replacement Project $750,000
FY 2018 Description: No Project – Carry Over NPE Funds $0
FY 2019 Description: No Project – Carry Over NPE Funds $0
FY2020 Description: Construct Snow Removal Equipment Building $525,000
FY 2011 Description: Perform Master Plan/ALP Update and AGIS $350,000

In addition, other projects may be performed based on available sources of funding. These include, but are not limited to:
• T-Hangar and Corporate Hangars
• Taxilanes for Hangar Development
• Perimeter Fencing
• Development of DBE Plans and DBE Goals
IV. Consultant Services The airport engineering consultant shall provide the civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, architectural, HVAC, survey and geotechnical services required for the airport development projects in accordance with Paragraphs 1.4.2 Architect/Engineer Services for Airport Development Projects, and 1.5 Special Services of FAA Advisory Circular 150/5100- 14EArchitectural Engineering and Planning Consultant Services for Airport Grant Projects. In general, the consultant will potentially be involved with the following work items:
A. Preliminary Phase and Final Design Engineering – Preparation of plans and specifications for equipment and airfield improvements in accordance with AC 150/5100-14EParagraphs 1-4 including Para graph 1-5 Special Services required to support design engineering and project development.
B. Bidding Assistance – Assistance with the bidding process including printing and distribution of plans and specifications, review of bids received and recommendation of award in accordance with AC 150/5100-14EParagraphs 1-4b.3 including Paragraph 1-5 Special Services required to support the bidding process and project execution.
C. Construction Administration Services – to include construction phase services and resident inspections and FAA grant management in accordance with AC 150/5100-Sections 1.4.2 and 1.5 Special Services required to support project construction and project closeout.
V. Miscellaneous Contract Information
A. Formal contracts will be entered into with the selected airport consultant.
B. The master contract with the City of Burns will include on call professional services for a maximum of a five (5) year period. A separate Task Order for Services including the detailed project scope of services and professional fees will be negotiated for each individual project during that period. The Initial Agreement, Authorization of Services, Scope of Work, and Professional Fees will be submitted for review and subject to approval by FAA, and the City of Burns.
C. All projects are subject to the availability of funding, and the work may be accomplished over the course of several grant projects.
D. Some of the services listed may not be required and the City of Burns reserves the right to initiate additional procurement actions for any of the services included in the initial procurement.
E. During the term of the consultant agreement, the City of Burns reserves the right to cancel the agreement at its sole discretion and/or solicit and contract with other firms to provide similar services.
F. The contract is also subject to the provisions of Executive Order 11246 (Affirmative Action to Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity), and to the provisions of the Department of Transportation Regulations 49 CFR Part 26 (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation) and to foreign trade restrictions. DBE firms are encouraged to submit.
VI. Statement of Qualifications Submittal Requirements
Firms interested in the above projects should submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) which includes a one-page cover letter, plus a maximum of twenty (20) pages to address the SOQ criteria (excluding resumes, but including the organization chart). Resumes for each key team member shall be limited to one page (no company information), and should be attached as an appendix at the end of the SOQ. Please provide an original plus three copies (total of four) of the Statement of Qualifications.
Submittals will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. local time on September 07, 2016 by:
Dauna Wensenk, City Manager City of Burns
242 South Broadway
Burns, OR 97720
VII. Statement of Qualifications Evaluation Criteria
Each Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
• Experience qualifications and capabilities of the prime firm in providing airport engineering services on similar projects. Provide current references for the projects listed. – 25 points.
• Experience and qualifications of the specific project key team members including construction inspectors experience. Identify team members’ roles in the projects identified and provide an organization chart. – 25 points.
• Understanding of the future anticipated projects by the team, including a discussion of major project issues and the team’s proposed project management approach. – 25 points.
• Familiarity with the City of Burns, and the Burns Municipal Airport. – 15 points.
• Degree of interest shown in undertaking the projects at the Burns Municipal Airport. – 10 points.
VIII. SOQ Evaluation and General Information
The City of Burns reserves the sole right to evaluate the SOQs submitted, waive any irregularity, evaluate and select firm(s), and/or reject any and all submittals. The City of Burns also reserves the right on any advertised selection process to decide whether to select a firm based on the Statement of Qualifications received or whether to hold interviews with the firms the City deems best qualified for the project.
Questions pertaining to the scope of work and consultant selection process should be directed to Dauna Wensenk, City Manager, City of Burns, Oregon at (541) 573-5255.
Published Aug. 12, 2016.