PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Yamhill County Planning Director has approved the following request: 1) DOCKET L-48-16, a request by Robert & Charla Wilcox for approval of a property line adjustment to transfer 8.7 acres from Tax Lot 3311-300 (10.7 acres) to Tax Lot 3311-200 (15.9 acres). The resulting parcels would be 2 and 24.6 acres, respectively. The property is located at 21200 NE North Valley Rd, Newberg. This application is being reviewed based on criteria in Section 402.09(B.2) of the Yamhill County Zoning Ordinance and the Yamhill County Land Division Ordinance. Any person wishing to appeal this decision to the Board of County Commissioners must submit the request on an approved appeal form, accompanied by $250.00, by November 10, 2016. For additional information, contact the Planning Department at 503-434-7516. Dated October 26, 2016, by Kenneth P. Friday, Planning Director.

Publish: 10-26-16 NG565764