The City of Madras is seeking “letters of interest” to participate on its Budget Committee. Anyone interested in serving on the committee is asked to submit a “letter of interest” by Wednesday, December 28, 2016 to the City Finance Department, Attn: Kristal Hughes, Finance Director, 125 S.W. “E” Street, Madras, Oregon 97741. The City Council will make appointments to the City Budget Committee at its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 10, 2017.
Requirements for serving on the Budget Committee are as follows:
1. Reside within the Madras City limits.
2. Be a registered voter.
3. Serve a three year term.
4. Attend the Budget Committee meetings. This generally consists of two evening meetings.
5. Attend special meetings when the need arises.
6. Receive no compensation.
The Budget Committee consists of the members of the local governing body and an equal number of citizens at large. At least one meeting must be held to receive the budget message and budget document and to hear from the public. When the Budget Committee is satisfied with the proposed budget, including any additions to or deletions from the one prepared by the budget officer, it is approved; however, by law the governing body may make changes in the approved budget.
INTERESTED CITIZENS ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY. If you have questions, please contact the Finance Department at the City of Madras at (541) 475-2344.
Publish: November 23, December 14, 2016