City of Sherwood Land Use Notices
Below is a list of projects under review that require public hearing which will be held in December or later. This information is current as of February 10, 2017. Contact the City or review the web site for the most current list of projects and status as this is subject to change (go to the “Land Use” tab on the front page of the web site):

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Anyone may testify at any public hearing verbally or in writing. Written statements are encouraged and may be submitted to the Planning Department, City Hall, 22560 SW Pine Street, Sherwood, OR 97140. Failure to raise an issue accompanied by statements or evidence sufficient to afford the decision-maker and the parties an opportunity to respond to the issue will preclude appeal on said issue to the State Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). All hearings will be held in the Community Room of the City Hall at 22560 SW Pine Street.

Application materials are available for review or can be copied for a reasonable cost at City Hall, 22560 SW Pine Street. All application materials are available on the web site at The City Planning Staff reports on these matters will be available for review at least seven (7) days in advance of the hearing. If you have any questions, please call the Planning Department at (503) 925-2308.
Publish 02/16 & 02/23/17. TT15884676