The City of St. Paul seeks to place a permanent ban on the November 8, 2022, general election ballot. In accordance with State requirements, the City of St. Paul is publishing the ballot title, question, and summary for a challenge by any voter. Challenges may be filed in Circuit Court. BALLOT TITLE Prohibits psilocybin-related businesses within St. Paul, Oregon. QUESTION Shall St. Paul prohibit psilocybin-related businesses within the city limits? SUMMARY State law allows operation, manufacturing, distribution, and possession of psilocybin products. State law provides that a city council may adopt an ordinance to be referred to the voters to permanently prohibit the establishment of any of those registered or licensed activities. Approval of this measure would permanently prohibit the establishment of psilocybin product manufacturers and psilocybin service center operations within the area subject to the jurisdiction of the City of St. Paul, Oregon. Publish Online Aug 17th & Print Aug 24th WI253378